Wegmans Orange Juice

Graphic Designer • Conception • UI/UX

Wegmans Market is one of the largest names in grocery on the east coast. They partnered with RIT to redesign their Premium Orange Juice packaging because it didn't match the look they were moving forward with for their other product. They also were trying to be more aware of their footprint when it came to recycling. With this in mind my team and I began working on a product that would not just be earth frendly but also friendly to users who had physical limitations such as blindness or arthritis.

Wegmans had a number of stake holders that all had different wants and needs. Our group decided to focus on the users and the people most likely to buy premium orange juice. We intereviewed people at the store that would buy it. We talked to large families, and older couples who preffered it for health reasons. We also talked to people who didnt buy it and what stopped them. Mainly it was because it was more expensive. We had a few families that their kids would struggle to pour the large container so they thought having something smaller would help as well.


While interviewing we were able to make two main groups for personas. One of them was people with larger families and the other was parents of picky eaters. Which while we were asking families why they bought it was not a reason we were expecting for why parents bought it.


We went through a number of itterations before we landed on the one above. We chose it not just for the range in sizes but also because of how earth frendly it was. With the top part being a recyclable plastic and the bottom being a recyclable card board we made it so that the whole thing was now able to be earth friendly rather than the 95% it was before. Also we were able to make it so smaller hands and hands that had trouble holding products had an easier time. It also gave us the option of a kids sized juice that they could have for school lunch boxes to make parents lives easier as well as making the lunches healthier.