N2H Wealth Partners

User Interviews • User Centered Design Process • UI/UX • Prototyping • Wix

N2H is a women-lead financial planning company looking to better highlight and carve out their niche in the market. N2H is a repeat customer who over the years I have developed brand guidelines, designed logos, and created printed materials for. I was excited to work with them again to make their digital impact as amazing as their in person charm.

N2H had developed an existing website infrastructure and was looking for support with melding their ideas into a coherent brand vision. They wanted to stand out from their competitors, look consistent with the branding created for them, and showcase their wide variety of services.


I began by doing market research on competitors in the area and their answers to similar design problems. I then referenced bank websites as well to ensure a full understanding of the regulations my client had to follow. From there I created a live demo, giving the opportunity to provide feedback for revisions. Through collaboration and multiple iterations of the design I created an easy to use, elegant website that represented them and their skills.

Site Walk-Through