Red Dragon Template

Graphic Design • Conception • UI/UX

Toyota and Lexus put out a proposal request for new templates that their dealerships could choose from. The templates were required to be compliant with their separate branding, and they wanted it to be an easy transition for their dealerships to utilize. Under time-pressure, and brand constraints our design needed to be fully developed for the presentation.

I designed a high-fidelity mockup under extreme time constraints . Understanding Toyota's existing designs as well as doing research on their competitors allowed me to look at their strengths and build off of them to develop sleek, high-end design options. This allowed me to make different wireframes and prototypes that were brand centric and seamlessly integrated with their dealerships.


While following both brand guidelines, and working with our testing group I developed the layout to lead with for the presentation. From here I turned around the final mockups to our developers early, which allowed plenty of time for revisions, and final product packaging.

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